Condensation dampness is a fast-growing problem

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 UK homes are poorly ventilated, leading to problems with damp, mould growth and poor indoor air quality. We have a proven solution. Introducing Drimaster-Eco, aka ‘Nellie’.


Nuaire’s Drimaster-Eco range is the market-leader in Positive Input Ventilation, or PIV.  We invented this technology back in 1972, and now have been curing damp and creating healthier homes for 50 years. Drimaster-Eco is now installed in over 1 million UK homes!

We have ranges for homes with and without lofts, from bungalows and apartments to three-story homes. The next generation of PIV, Drimaster-Eco uses 20% less energy than the competition and boasts hall-control via the sleek, round diffuser for easy operation. Occupants can save energy and improve air quality with a range of wireless sensors and switches.

What Is Positive Input Ventilation?

Positive Input Ventilation, or PIV, is a simple yet powerful strategy that brings fresh, filtered air into the home at a continuous rate, forcing out stale, humid air.  It DILUTES, DISPLACES AND REPLACES the air inside the home, curing condensation dampness and improving the air quality