If your home is under-ventilated, you’ll notice streaming windows, musty smells and even patches of black mould. The problem is excess humidity.

Nellie - PIV The average family of four produce around 17 pints of water per day through everyday activities, and this moisture is the cause of condensation dampness. This damp environment encourages dust mites to breed and mould spores to germinate, both of which trigger asthma and allergic symptoms.

Condensation dampness occurs when not enough fresh air is coming into the home to push out the stale, moisture-laden air.  In order to reduce humidity and improve air quality, an average of four ‘air changes’ per hour is required.

That’s a job for whole-house ventilation – a system that treats the air throughout the home, not just in localised areas. The visible signs such as streaming windows and black mould are usually found in the coldest parts of the home, not necessarily the areas producing the most moisture. 

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PIV - How it works

Drimaster-Eco is a powerful cure for condensation dampness and mould. Nuaire invented this ventilation strategy back in 1972, and our iconic Drimaster-Eco range has since become the nation’s favourite whole-house ventilation system installed in over 1 million homes.

  • Clean, fresh air is continuously drawn in to the loft space through the loft’s natural leakage points.
  • This air is filtered and gently enters the home via a central hallway diffuser, removing fine air particles including pollen and traffic pollutants.
  • The air dilutes, displaces and replaces the stale, contaminated air, forcing out moisture through natural leakage points in the home.
  • This process creates a healthy living environment where condensation cannot exist. This protects the fabric of the building from damage and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Clinical trials have proven that PIV reduces dust-mite allergens, helping asthma-sufferers.



PIV Our iconic Drimaster-Eco PIV range has been enhanced with features to save more energy, make installation easier, and give homeowners the control over airflow, heater and air quality. It features patented technology making it the most energy-efficient PIV on the market.

  • USE LESS ENERGY - Drimaster-ECO uses 20% less energy than the competition. The heat version is our most energy-efficient design. Its uses a 400 watt heater reducing running and life cycle costs.
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROLS TO SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - Through optional CO2 and humidity sensors, the fan speed can vary to improve air quality and save energy when the house is unoccupied.
  • BIGGER FILTERS FOR LONGER USE - Unlike other PIVs on the market, our units offer twice as much filter area so they are more effective for a longer period of time.
  • CIRCULAR DIFFUSER WITH SYSTEM CONTROLS – You don’t need to access the loft to check or change your settings as full controls are houses within the circular ceiling diffuser.
  • 7 YEAR WARRANTY - We offer a full 7 year maintenance-free manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


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